Ironwomen Podcast

FEB 21, 2019


Alyssa Godseky and Haley Chura chat with Rachel Joyce and Dana Platin, the co-founders of Reinas, about how they have combined their leadership and athletic backgrounds to create an exciting new venture. Their mission is to coach driven women to set personal goals and expand their comfort zones. They share stories of how to F.A.I.L, how to balance athletic and professional goals, and how to sharpen your mental skills by acknowledging your inner voice and changing habits.


Rachel Joyce – Embracing the Courage Zone

FEB 14, 2019

Lawrence West | WITSUP

The winner of Challenge Roth and a two-time runner-up at the Ironman World Championships, she returned to racing following the birth of her son Archie in September 2016, winning two iron-distance races inside 12 months of giving birth.

Now, alongside business partner Dana Platin, ‘Joycey’ is helping other women step out of their comfort zones and embrace what the pair are calling the courage zone.


Why life is better outside your comfort zone

FEB 12, 2019

Boulder, CO

Although we have been on very different personal journeys, what brings us together is a shared belief that we all have our metaphorical peaks to climb and reaching the "summit" requires us to step out of our comfort zones and into our "courage" zone. It takes courage to break the status quo; it takes bravery to take action where success is not guaranteed; and it takes determination and persistence to keep moving forward in the face of a failure.

Participants in this free workshop at the Boulder REI learned some tools to expand their comfort zones in their professional, sporting, or personal life.


Outspoken: Women In Triathlon Summit

NOV 30 - DEC 2, 2018

Tempe, AZ

Presented by Triathlete Magazine, this was the first ever Women in Triathlon Summit. REINAS was invited to present the session, “The Rising Tide of Women’s Leadership.” We were honored to be part of a lineup of talented and brilliant speakers and role models in the triathlon industry. Check out the ten inspiring takeaways from the Outspoken: Women in Triathlon Summit here.


Braver, Bolder, Stronger 2019

JAN 20, 2019

Boulder, CO

Braver, Bolder, Stronger 2019 was a 1/2 day transformative workshop where we ran, brunched, and learned about the power of goal-setting at the St. Julienne Hotel & Spa in Boulder.

Together we worked on the art and skill of reflection and goal-setting as well as developing a concrete 2019 plan for personal, professional, and athletic goals.

Participants identified and created 2019 indicators of success, as well as opportunities to build more harmony and balance in the new year. And, most importantly, participants created strategies for accountability in order to make our goals stick.


Braver, Bolder, Stronger 2018

MAY 20 - JUNE 24, 2018

Boulder, CO

We use triathlon as a tool to motivate, inspire, and strengthen our leadership skills; and ultimately to tap into the best version of ourselves. During Braver, Boulder, Stronger 2018, participants learned from our experiences on the race course in order to apply the lessons to their personal and professional lives.